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About Me!

LoveRachelle2 shitting and farting

Hello, fellow scat kinksters! I bet you’re all wondering about me, the girl behind the mask, what I’m like, how I got into scat, and how much I enjoy doing what I do! I’ve had a scat fetish for years before I even began filming my naughty fun 9 years ago...

I’m so grateful that I can make a living off a kink I once struggled so much with it. Like many in our community, I had my own difficulty journey towards acceptance. Truth be told, I actually used to feel suicidal shame and self-loathing over my scat fetish… in desperation I finally came out to some trusted friends, a select few in the scat community via forums, and over time I eventually came to embrace it and see that there’s nothing wrong with having this fetish, and that the shame itself was the problem, not the kink. I eventually leaned into making videos, and my success skyrocketed. I’m now a full time scat porn model. Scat is a victory for me!



I get tons of questions from the scat community, and have done several AMAs, and even an interview with underground French magazine Distorsion in 2016.


Why aren't you selling on the Scatshop Network anymore? Will you come back?


Hey old Scatshop fans! You may miss me, but I’m far from gone :) I originally had exclusivity with the Scatshop Network (which I'm very grateful for) yet switched to the Scatbook Network because their exclusive terms were better suited to how my business and lifestyle needs had changed over the years. A year+ later I ended exclusivity with Scatbook to go independent! After much consideration, I decided it was best to not place all my eggs in one basket. Not to mention, I had tons of buyers who loved subscribing and streaming on Scatbook, but also missed 4K downloads! Unfortunately, if I were to sell on Scatshop again, I couldn’t re-publish any videos that previously sold there (last I checked), and either way, 4 platforms is a lot to keep up on! That’s why, to give buyers a platform where they could download ALL my videos, I'm starting fresh with Scatsy :) 

Diaper fun

When did you realize that you wanted to try scat, or enjoyed it?

It was a slow process for me. Accepting I had this fetish and that it was OK was a long first step. I started watching scat porn when I was 18-19, and you know, fetishes slowly pick up in intensity. It wasn’t until years went by that I wanted to try it myself–but I was hesitant, because I didn’t have any medical testimony that scat play could be safe, and I wasn’t willing to just listen on hearsay.

It wasn’t until I read this article on Gawker where lots of (legit, check them out) medical professionals answered the question, “Can you eat your own poop?” and answered that, more or less, yes. You can, and since it’s your own, that’s safe. So I let the thought sit for a while. I stalled, not knowing if I wanted to jump the bridge from porn-only to porn-and-play. But over time I made a conscious choice to give it a go. And yes, I’ve enjoyed it! (Eating your own poop isn’t so safe if you’re immune-compromised in any way, however. Read my Health Disclaimer to learn more!)

LoveRachelle2 sucking shitty cock

Will you ever consider having a male or female scat slave on your videos?

I’ve already filmed a bit with my boyfriend! And the marvelous Sophia Sprinkle! But my man and I are on equal terms, he’s not really a slave, haha. Fetishes last a lifetime and I don’t plan on retiring. For right now, I’m not looking for or open to doing meet ups with fans or slaves. Sorry!

Are you in a relationship, and if so, does your partner know about what you do?

I am! I’ve been in a monogamous relationship with my man for a few years now :) He’s very supportive, kinky and open-minded. He’s been slowly getting more and more turned on by scat since we met as well, and we’ve had some scat sex! We’re looking forward to building things up over time and doing more It’s very exciting and to be honest, it brings out the shy girl in me! So we’re taking our time. Who would have thought, right? LOL We don’t film together often as it messes up my workflow (and we find we have more fun together with the camera turned off! But hey, maybe we will film again in the future...)

LoveRachelle2 with boyfriend

What turns you on the most imagining what we do with your shit turds once we get them delivered? Maybe eating them? Jerk off with them?

I love the mental image of guys beating it to my shit and fucking my shit piles with their cocks...

Have you ever experimented scat sex in your private life with somebody guy or girl and if so what do you prefer guy or girl for scat play? 

I’ve had scat sex with my boyfriend, who I'm in a happy monogamous relationship with, and I had a pleasant scat encounter with another guy I met through Fetlife a few years back! He popped my scat cherry and I wish him well! (And more recently, I made an exception for a dear friend of mine, Sophia Sprinkle!)

You said your scat fetish started when you were 18/19, but did you have any interest going back further than that? Many people with this fetish began in childhood.

I remember bumping into scat porn online before I was 18/19 via pop-up ads, and turning away in confused disgust. It literally had no appeal to me, and I couldn’t understand why anyone else would like it. But, I do have some memories of having vague and occasional interest in poop when I was very little. But I also think that’s kinda common. It wasn’t with a sexual interest back then, all just curiosity and exploring the world.

LoveRachelle2 sucks shit cock

Why don’t you taste or eat your shit in all your videos?

No one has ever been able to pay me to eat or lick my shit! Ever :) Every single time you’ve ever seen me do it has been from an authentic desire to do so! The “mood” is always spontaneous, and cannot be predicted or planned for. I refuse to lick/eat because someone paid me to. Also, not all shit is created equal, in my opinion. 

This is an example of how I keep healthy boundaries around my fetish and the business side of filming. I don’t want to become “just another burnt out porn star” who can’t really enjoy what they do on or off camera. Same reason why I don’t always have the camera on when I masturbate, and how I get off to scat porn online by myself… I need to keep some of this just for myself, and that’s how!

You, publicly at least, have been progressing in your shit-play to licking and chewing on small amounts. Do you think this will continue to eating/swallowing whole turds and enjoying it?

I don’t really feel a compulsion or desire to eat an entire turd, personally! Maybe that’ll change, but right now, I’m happy being where I’m at and don’t feel pushed to go that far. Maybe a little further, like eating a little more, pushing my limit a little, but time will tell. Scat isn’t a “challenge” or an addiction for me.

LoveRachelle2 shitty pussy

Speaking of eating shit, it is obvious it has a different taste/smell according to what you have eaten, but have you smelt/tasted your own that was almost (or was) irresistible? Can you describe it?

Yes! Like I say, not all shit is created equal. Taste, consistency and smell all change depending on many factors–from what we eat, and drink, and other factors. There are times when it’s downright vile (to me) and other times when it is irresistible, especially if I’ve eaten something that makes it sweet, or has a pleasantly earthy, mild taste, and is firm. That’s like the best shit. That said, even years down the line, I don’t have an exact science. Shit just happens! 

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