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Beginners Guide To Eating My Shit

LoveRachelle2 shitting on a plate

One of the most commonly asked questions I get from beginners is where to even start! And it’s no wonder, when I have over a half a dozen different scat treats to choose from!


Being intimidated by eating a raw load of shit on your first try is totally natural, and by no means is telling of your ability to be the shit eater of your wildest dreams! 


Many poop eaters love to buy these scat treats regularly, because, unlike loads of poop and panties, there are shorter wait times for my scat treats, because I have high turnover and have to make new batches regularly, they are already packed and ready to ship! For those of you who can’t wait to embark on your path of becoming a human toilet, let me offer you these helpful tips! 

Brownie Points for Beginners! 

Poo brownies are the easiest scat treat to take down on your first go. The two “chocolate” flavors mix together terrifically and carry a deep, earthy fragrance while softening the taste of my poo to an “introductory” level with the familiar and culturally beloved fudge chocolate taste of the brownie mix. 



Blueberry Butt Muffins Are Also Beginner Friendly!

Although I often recommend the poo brownies first, since they’re a “shitty” take on one of the most popular baked goodies of our time. 








Next up, Poo-Nut Butter Cups!

Going one more notch up the level of intensity are my delectable Poo-Nut Butter Cups. What sets them apart from poo brownies and blueberry butt muffins, is that the shit in these treats are raw, mixed with creamy peanut butter inside, rather than baked.







Level Up with Chocolate Shit Cookies & Shit Twinkies!

Congratulations, you’ve advanced up the ladder of shit slavery to eating raw, unmixed scat treats! Chocolate Shit Cookies and Shit Twinkies are more “hardcore” than the beginner treats, because there is far less flavor buffer.  Raw shit is knived into the twinkies and spread onto the cookies, rather than mixed with other ingredients–so you’ll get the strong “shit” flavor you’re going for! 


Welcome to the Ultimate Level... Raw SHIT!

You’ve made it. You’ve arrived. If you’ve made it here, you’re a bonafide toilet slave! There is no flavor mixing or buffer of any kind with shit-caked panties or especially the bulk of my raw turds! Of course, eating a whole load of my shit takes #1st place, but if you’re anywhere on this tier, you’ve met a very high bar. Good job, slave! Your Mistress is proud of you!  






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