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PLEASE NOTE that in addition to my inbox being flooded daily, which can sometimes prevent me from getting to every message, ANY messages containing the following will be ignored:


Asking how to use basic features of a website or support for basic online illiteracy. Asking questions that have already been answered on either my website, or on the sites I sell on that I've linked to on my Home and the About Me page. Any messages asking if you can buy my poop or any other mail item or concerns about an order will also be ignored--simply go to the site in question and follow up there! :) The Home page banner has all the links you need for Scatbook, Scatsy, and Clips4Sale with descriptions! And of course, any spammy messages just asking me to "just email you back" for no reason, will all be ignored.

Thank you, and stay stinky!


Thanks for submitting!


Thanks for submitting!

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